[Outside GLoG]

The Huldra trudges along until he's just outside of view from the front gates and flops down in the middle of the road with a sigh. His empty heart is aching. Hollowness chewing away at him from the inside. Hunger gnawing at his mind and his resolve. He needs to eat something.

And he needs to eat something fast.

Maybe he could find some deer? Animals distract him from the hollowness for at least a little while. But only the soul of something humanoid seems to be able to actually quiet it.


Why did he have to get cursed with this blight! He didn't ask for it. He had been pious all his life. And this is how he's repaid for it? Being tormented as a monster?

Then a child speaks up.

And the demon-fox' ear twitches in her direction.

He provides the child with his best foxy grin. It could probably be considered adorable. "I can't imagine why anyone would want to be mean to someone as pretty as you."