Just to keep things tidied up, and because I think it's a reasonable measure, here's a minor amendment to the rules.

Should a proposed rule reach the anti-thesis of approved (Only 20% for), it will be purged.

JadePhoenix, I'd appreciate your reasoning behind those opinions.

Darrin, both of your proposed clarifications to charging while mounted and ride-bys make sense to me. I've added, commented, and named them (hope you're ok with the rule names I used).

Ashtagon, I'm not sure but what the current wording accomplishes the same thing on Rule 4...but your wording is clearer. As the result is the same, I'll keep the previous votes as-is, and adopt/adapt the wording you provided.

I'd ask that the issue of simple weapons be taken up as a separate issue...feel free to propose it.

Telonius, I completely agree...but please note that the number has shifted to #013.

Lonely Tylenol...regarding Rule 3...

It makes specific mention that the Epic rules still apply as normal..and there are blanket rules for how to epicly progress classes and 10-level prestige classes. Would that change your stance? Would a rewording be required?

Keld Denar...in as rule #014

prufock, can you give me a page # on that? If so, I'll remove it for already being an established rule.

Please recheck numbers, since we've gotten some drift.