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Thread: "Common Sense" approach to rules (RACSD)

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    Rule 001: Drowning for Health Purposes - Yes
    Rule 002: My Thesis: More Complex Is Easier - After all metamagic is applied, the spell level should not be less than the original level of the spell. I do not agree with outright restricting it to certain metamagic.
    Rule 003: Bonus Legacy Class Levels - Yes
    Rule 004: Superior Unarmed Strike - Abstain
    Rule 005: Dead is Dead - Yes
    Rule 006: Using What Comes Naturally - Yes
    Rule 007: Wolves with Hooves - Yes
    Rule 008: Dragonblood and heritage - Abstain
    Rule 009: It's not armour, it's thick clothing - No
    Rule 010: Anything Can Be Armour - Yes, although it must take up a slot that is not otherwise filled by something else (IE, you can't have a robe over armor and benefit from both, at least stat-wise)
    Rule 011: Clarifying the Dragon Disciple Paradox - I would adjust this to say that a prestige class's prerequisites and class features can never prevent you from taking advantage of any other feature of the class, nor prevent you from advancing in it (I'm specifically thinking of Ur-Priest, who has to not be able to cast divine spells in order to advance in the class, but by RAW this means he cannot cast his own spells).

    EDIT: Also, I agree with the "I'm not left-handed" one.
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