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Renetta's tail would be wagging if she weren't mostly sitting on it. No doubt Waterstrider still notices, though. "Oh, I know it will. It all will. Especially with your help."

Waterstrider nibbles at Renetta's muzzle lovingly before settling in and resting his head on her shoulder, his body language telling her that he's fairly exhausted from the excitement of the day. "She's going to make us so proud."

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Reelshka sits up a little and leans on her hands, smiling. I'll tell her that we went on a romantic stroll and lost track of time. Which isn't actually not true... just omits a few things, she adds jokingly.

The Wolfen chuckles before standing and stretching, causing his joints to pop. Afterward, he offers Reelshka a paw up before pulling on his clothing. "If you want to do this again, all you have to do is ask." He tells her with a slight smile.