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Thread: "Common Sense" approach to rules (RACSD)

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    Rule 15: Unconscious does not mean Mindraped

    It has been argued whether unconscious creatures get a Will save. To me, it is clear that the following paragraph is to be read in context:

    Some spells restrict you to willing targets only. Declaring yourself as a willing target is something that can be done at any time (even if youíre flat-footed or it isnít your turn). Unconscious creatures are automatically considered willing, but a character who is conscious but immobile or helpless (such as one who is bound, cowering, grappling, paralyzed, pinned, or stunned) is not automatically willing.
    Which implies that it applies to spells that affect willing targets (unless one purposefully ignores the first part of the paragraph).

    The rules on the condition unconscious in no way indicate an unconscious target would not get a save, or not a Will save: see the SRD.

    Denying an unconscious creature a Will save opens the gates to all kind of abuse, including mindrape.

    Thus, I propose rule 15:

    Clarification: An unconscious creature is not hindered from making a Will save. In the case of harmless effects, or in the case of spells that affect willing targets only, the creature is considered willing.
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