Rule 001: Drowning for Health Purposes - Agreed.
Rule 002: My Thesis: More Complex Is Easier - Agreed. It make sense that you could reduce the level of a spell by apllying a metamagic feat to it.
Rule 003: Bonus Legacy Class Levels - Agreed.
Rule 004: Superior Unarmed Strike - Agreed.
Rule 005: Dead is Dead - Agreed.
Rule 006: Using What Comes Naturally - Agreed.
Rule 007: Wolves with Hooves - Agreed.
Rule 008: Dragonblood and heritage - I would tend to agree but I'm not sure it belong in this thread.
Rule 009: It's not armour, it's thick clothing - It was apparently removed.
Rule 010: Who's Charging, Anyways? - Agreed
Rule 011: Who's Riding By, Anyways? - Agreed
Rule 012: Anything Can Be Armour - Agreed
Rule 013: Clarifying the Dragon Disciple Paradox - Agreed.
Rule 014: I'm Not Left Handed - Agreed