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'I do care for her. I told you, love isn't something measured by science, or controlled by psychics. It's the essence of the universe. The eternal truth, beyond philosophy, religion or science. Who knows, if I challenge you again tomorrow, maybe I'll win and teach you that.'

Romeo scans the murkrow that Taylor is using.
Jessica looks at you. "Well, the offer still stands," she says with a small laugh.

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"Watch it, Aquilla! Hit him back!" Aquilla flies back before divebombing the other bird, ending some ways back.
Pass, end at B9

AC: [roll0] 2
Damage: [roll1]
If Crit: [roll2]
The blow misses miserably, causing Taylor to laugh. "Better luck next time. Shade, finish him!" she cries, the Murkrow cawing as it flies forward to the kill, the peck colliding with Aquilla's wing and sending her to the ground, hard.

19 to Aquilla after Defense.

"Well, it was a good try," she says, wincing as your bird goes down. She returns the bird as well. "Better luck next time," she says, walking over to Jessica. "Now," she says, taking her friend by the arm, "We need to go."

Jessica looks like she is about to protest, but her friend looks at her, "Now."

The two start to walk off, Jessica looking back and waving at Romeo.

As they walk away Taylor speaks into your mind.
You can come with us. I just want to get Jessica away from loverboy. He gives me the creeps.