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Artemis quietly swears to herself in Unovan as the move hits. He swung too wide and the bird capitalized on it. "Just a bad roll of the cosmic dice on my part." Give me a minute to help Aquilla and I'll happily follow you guys. Better you two than him at the very least. Where're you guys heading? She goes out to the field to pick up Aquilla, recalling the passed out eaglet.
We'll meet you at the Pokemon Center. Make sure the creep doesn't follow you.

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Romeo blows her a kiss as she leaves.

'Tomorrow, re-match. I'll hold you to that. Or I'll let you hold me, either way is good.'

Romeo decides it's best not to hang around in a psychic gym. Most didn't seem to like him. With that he decided to try his luck next door in the fighting gym. The bodies on some of those girls were to die for.
Oh, I will, you hear said straight into your mind, like that little voice that tells you not to do little girls.

The Fighting Dojo is almost across town, but you manage to reach it fairly quickly. When you do reach it you see a large man talking to two scrawny nerds that look extremely out of place. The girls are to die for; hot girls fighting, the most clothes any of them wearing being a sports bra and some of the shortest shorts you ever seen. And for you, that's saying something.

Perception please.