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"Possibly. If we can't, can I make you a better one?"
"Are you world famous Johtan gun smith? If yes, go ahead. If no, just pick up mine."

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Romeo scans the available booty, smiling like a kid in a candy store. A SEXY candy store.

You get a few Pokemon scans in, but those are obviously not your focus.

In one corner of the Dojo you see a group of women doing yoga. Very attractive women. There are multiple fighitng rings around the arena featuring women fights as well.

Machoke, Hariyama, and Medidite added.

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Ethan does not budge, nor flinches when the big red hand comes flying at his face. He seemed unusually calm under pressure. Ollie on the other hand jumped and trumpted angrily at the fat mon.

I'd be interested in helping you sir, but I'm afraid we on a time schedule. We must be somewhere by noon, do you believe we can retrieve this artillery of yours with enough time to spare? Ethan motions casually at Ollie to calm and scans the Hariyama while he converses with the large man.
"Depends. It heavy, might take two of you to carry. Maybe an hour? I can lend you a cart if you want," he says, gesturing towards mutliple low to the ground push carts.