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Okay, meet you there. Her mind turns to the boy. If you so much as wind up in the same building, Jessica and I will give you a very different threesome than you are likely used to. Her "voice" is serious. After a second she wonders if that might have sounded like an invitation as opposed to a threat. That was a threat, just in case you didn't grasp that. She runs off to the Center to get Aquilla healed up. Maybe she could find a non-creepy breeder to ask about her egg as well.

Started posting before I saw that he already left. Could pass by him on the way there.

Yes, that's her version of a threat. Tayloered to the individual.
You soon find yourself at the Pokemon Center. The one here seems streamlined, efficient. In fact, stuff seems healed almost instantly. It looks like the Nurses simply touch a Pokemon and it becomes better. A Nurse walks up to you and you feel the familiar presence on your mind.

"Psychic, hunh? One of us? No charge, just take your 'mons out," the Nurse says, obviously in a hurry. You don't see Jessica and Taylor yet, but they did say they'd meet you here.

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Romeo scans the yoga women and checks them out. He's looking for one that wouldn't mind a skinny guy like him. Most of the men here seemed pretty buff.

Know your Audience rolls:

Assuming he finds someone like that, he goes over and sits next to her. While not the strongest, he was fairly flexible.
From your observations, you deduce that you lack the proper pectroral girth for all of them except one. There is one that might settle for your lack of muscles, maybe even like it. From her expression it is likely she was recently dumped, likely by the hulk of a man she keeps glancing at. Maybe she'd settle for a nice normal sized guy.

-7 for all except Ms. Rebound. She'll be no modifier.

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Ethan steps back and tilts his head for a moment. Is the package time sensitive? I'm afraid I don't believe we will have time to conduct such a job safely. Not right now. But later, possibly. He looks at the man blank face waiting patiently for an answer.
"Time sensitive? No, time doesn't tickle it," the man says, obviosuly confused.

"He means do you need it soon!" a guy shouts from across the Dojo.

"OH! Yeah, I need soon. Tomorrow. I have to-" He stops, as if he was about to say something he's not supposed to. "I have to mow my lawn. Yeah, mow it. Flamethrower good for mowing."