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Okay, I officially love this town. She lets out Aquilla and shows her to a nurse. When Aquilla's better, Artemis finds a seat, Aquilla perching on her shoulder. She passively scans minds while keeping an eye out for anything she hasn't seen in her PokÚdex before while she waits. She looks at the time on her phone, realizing that she does have a deadline that she has not been paying attention to.
The Nurse quickly heals Aquilla, the bird becoming healthy almost immediately. Your clock says it is about 10; time flies while you're fighting Psychics.

Jessica and Taylor walk in just as you get up to leave. Taylor calls you over immediately. "Alright, tell Jessica that dude was a creep. Please," she begs.

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"Don't think we're good enough to get through the guards. Sorry."
He pats the guy on his back.
"Sorry, but I'll be back to this area later. Maybe I'll take you guys up on a tournament next time, or train here. Just don't have the time today."
"Awww," the man says, seeming genuinely sad. "Maybe some other time," he says, walking away. He starts lifting weights that have to be at least twice your body weight.

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Ethan pulls out his datapad and taps the screen a few times and then pockets it once again. He did nothing, just wanted to look like he was doing something. I'm afraid I cannot help you with this endeavor. Me and my colleague cannot risk being tardy for our appointment. We do appreciate your offer but I must humbly decline. Thank you kindly for the offer. Shall we head out? Ethan does a small but respectful bow and Ollie does the same
As you fake using the datapad you notice that the time is about 10:00.