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Paul whips out his newly acquired secondhand Pokedex to scan the battlers; his first, filled with the creatures he had seen in his childhood competitions, had long since been pawned for booze money. But now that he was going back into training, he knew he needed another of the devices, and saw a third-party knockoff that he was sure would do just as well. Granted, the 'Pokedax' label was a little disconcerting, but what's one letter?

He then looks to any trainer not currently in a battle.

Hey, anybody looking for a little one on one tussle? Gotta get my boy Buck here some training time. Got...got a big tournament coming up. Yeah, that's the ticket.
You scan the two Pokemon, aquiring Combusken and Dustox for your Pokedax.

At your challenge, a dark Unovan man looks at you and laughs. "You wanna fight tubs?" the man asks, laughing. "Alright, alright. One on one, friendly wager of ^1500?" he asks, looking like he is trying hard not to laugh his head off.