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I'll put in the stats for the weapons.

Katar, tri-bladed - Damage (DAM) -1d3 small (S), 1d4 medium (M), Piercing (P), Crit X4

Garrote - DAM - 1d4 (S) 1d6 (M), Slashing, can be used to choke (choke could be added to the Weapon of the web).

War Razors are effectively daggers but with a +2 to sleight of hand.

Butterfly Knives are effectively daggers, but the crit is 19-20/X2 and has a +2 on sleight of hand.

Longbow - DAM - 1d6 (S) 1d8 (M), X3 crit, range of 100, range of 110 for composite. Could be used for Weapon of the Web where, instead of the whole weapon is made of web, you use the string to add more damage, and you would have to make the bow or just replace the string (I wouldn't blame you for not taking this Weapon of Web thing for the longbow seriously).

Also, I suggest adding Heavy Crossbow as a weapon proficiency, because even wizards get it, which I find... interesting since they use magic.

Also, all the weapons listed are in the Core Rule Book, except for the War Razor (Inner Sea World Guide), Butterfly Knife and Garrote (Adventure's Armory), both are books that I don't own though.
I actually don't have any books for Pathfinder at all. Which is why I often make mistakes like that skill ranks thing.

Also I'll add in that Heavy Crossbow.