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Paul runs his hands along his elephantine physique.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm about to kick your keyster, pal. Send out your selection and let's do it.

He peels the cash from a sweaty wad in his pocket and holds it up for the man to see.
"Me? I'll be using Chomper here," the man says, releasing a blue Pokemon with massive jaws. "No flying, no digging, straight up fight. Deal?"

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"Yeah, he was a creep. Did you hear what he was thinking?" She conveys a small part of the thoughts she heard, the ones she didn't immediately try to flush from her mind. She a bit of nausea also gets through in the message. "That's what I got when I was trying to calm myself down and just looked for some reassurance from somewhere."
"But he was so cute! And charming!" Jessica says.

Something's up with her. She's never been this into a guy. I mean never. He's not even her type! Taylor says, her telepathic thought somehow carrying the idea that she is worried.

"Look, he's a creep Jessica. Forget about him," Taylor says. "Do you have any plans or are you just chilling?" she asks Artemis.