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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    I'm serious, but it doesn't bug me at all as much as it seems.

    I'll be honest, I was mentally struggling with that for a while. That... was difficult for me. I'm glad that it wasn't as big a deal as I thought. 'cause that... that was something right there.

    The only thing I really feel like responding to from that post, which I probably wouldn't have before, was this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    "Oh, Timmy? Yeah, sometimes us elves randomly give birth to trolls. Centuries of pure elves, then BOOM, troll from the womb."

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    The Frenzied Berserker is something I wouldn't want to play with because of the burden it puts on the other players.
    There are definitely more friendly prestige classes available, that are definitely not as taxing. I agree I wouldn't make that my signature character any time soon, or try to force it into a group without the complete permission of every single player and the DM (I'm actually thinking of a Barbarian Bear Warrior, refluffed as an expy of Kazuma the Shell Bullet. ). But some people have found ways to make it work, and I'd certainly be interested in at least watching such a thing, if not taking part.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    Getting unique features for being a Dragonborn while ignoring the qualifications and ramifications of the race bugs me more, though.
    I was under the assumption that she was just ignoring the appearance. All of the ramifications of the race, including the whole Bahamut Obsession and losing most of the features of her previous race, as well as being almost as strict as the Saint when it comes to being good; I thought she was still adhering to that. Whether or not plenty of the stuff that comes with the description of the Dragonborn, including being sterile, neatfreaks, asexual, apparently not even supposed to care about anything beyond Bahamut, including her birth family, and all sorts of extra stuff, historically especially, beyond the initial racial requirements, traits, and falling mechanics....

    Well, that seems to be more for Psymple and Qwerty to worry about, since it's how he chooses to play her. And while I can understand being concerned with that fluff, I feel like it's not really our place to judge what he is and isn't allowed to do with her, beyond the basic skeleton. But that's just me.

    Granted, after reading it so thoroughly, I wonder if I should ask if Halaza was her birthname or her new name, and what her Tibur is otherwise.

    I suppose I'll re-ask this question, since it's a bit important: Qwerty, wanna roleplay the messenger meeting my group, or should I just brush that over quickly in my last in character post?
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