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I'm not trying to tell Psymple how to play his character; his points were valid, and I was just curious as to why it went so majorly against the fluff as provided. Without the whole DRAGONFAEC thing, there's not much point to the egg-ritual.
Meh. Personally, I wouldn't willingly enslave myself to a god and be freaking obsessed with him in such a way... sounds like a freaky cult now, what with mind obsession of Bahamut and all that. Halaza's a freakier cultist than our Cultist is.

Speaking of freaky, do all those random jokes about Halaza having her way with Tarmikos still apply if she's potentially asexual and sterile?

Psymple needs to respond soon, so we can figure out how much of the material we can use to make random jokes at Halaza's expense!

And I'm imitating Psymple's desire to have Qwerty get back here, so I can know if I should roleplay the messenger myself or not!