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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Thats my point exactly..
    I chose to use the mechanics but refluffed...
    The same way I am playing a "celestial" even though Aasimar is only really watered down celestial...


    I really dont want to get into this argument, I have points I could say from both sides to be honest and I have wrote and re-wrote this post like 10x already... And finally decided just to delete it all and finish with this point.

    I understand the ability to take a mechanic without the non rule emphasised physical charicteristics can be rather annoying. Especially since the physical charicteristics in my mind for Dragonborn are totally unsuitable for the charicter.

    However I also wish to be able to play a charicter of my design and that I enjoy.

    So what is wrong with working out the effect of those physical charicteristics and refluffing them to be different thigns with the same effects.

    Originally I thought i had done this by making her obveously celestian, however there is a slight difference between a lizard humanoid and an angelic humanoid.
    So perhaps that is not enough... I dont know I really dont know but in my mind. Unless you are aware of specific prejudices it is as much as a gamble looking like anything...

    Its like bane weapons, you never know which will be useful...

    If I looked like a Dragon we may end up running into loads of infernals who whant to kill celestials, if I look celestial we may run into loads of people whos lives have been destroyed by celestials and they want their own back...

    I dont know... Infact I feel I have written too much already and am tempted just to delete it all again.
    I would rather not get into this argument to be honest.

    If you want me to be a lizard by all means, I can make her a lizard... and sure it will still fit the charicter as she will be even scarier during intimidations and she will have a huge mouth she coudl easily bite with but choses not to because she is "above" such barbaric fighting... but whatever really...

    Quote Originally Posted by INoKnowNames View Post
    Meh. Personally, I wouldn't willingly enslave myself to a god and be freaking obsessed with him in such a way... sounds like a freaky cult now, what with mind obsession of Bahamut and all that. Halaza's a freakier cultist than our Cultist is.

    Speaking of freaky, do all those random jokes about Halaza having her way with Tarmikos still apply if she's potentially asexual and sterile?

    Psymple needs to respond soon, so we can figure out how much of the material we can use to make random jokes at Halaza's expense!

    And I'm imitating Psymple's desire to have Qwerty get back here, so I can know if I should roleplay the messenger myself or not!
    Also yeah... The fluff for it is mostly quite horrible...
    Yet compared to the half-dragon template it is a jillion times better...
    I wouldnt mind some LA and not to have the stupid fluff that just makes it a crazy strict paladin... but meh... I live in a world where things can be refluffed...

    Anyway yeah... nevermind
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