morale: 10

As the Canadian delegate moves through the capitol of the Empire he is truly awed by the sights that he sees. When he later wrote memoirs of his diplomatic career this would receive much attention. A well liked passage says:

While it goes by many names City of Light is most certainly the best to describe the city, both literally and metaphorically. Truly everything in the city was built with more care and effort than most people put in over the course of their whole lives. While The cities of Canada are primarily built for function, especially after the war everything in this city spoke of beauty. When I was told that this city held 15 million people I expected slums and squalor. Instead I got a city more magnificent than any I had ever dreamed of. It was a true Utopia, where people had known no war for centuries. And the knowledge they had. If knowledge is held of even the slightest value to you then you would have been astonished at the treasure they held, and thought nothing of.

[PM] To the Empire of the Resplendent Sun (and whoever else is physically at the meeting)

A very humble looking diplomatic representative greets the representatives of the Empire in whatever way they deem formal {presumably he has had some courses on foreign etiquette}. He then says the following things

We of Canada have heard of the great knowledge held by the men of the East. It has been truly a great honor to see your city, and the wonders it holds. After a few more compliments he says his proposal.

As I have seen on my way here the People of Canada are ignorant on a great many things that you have knowledge of. We would be greatly interested in gaining the technology and knowledge that you possess. It is my hope that we can come to an agreement to allow these technologies to be transferred. Although it is little compared to what you have we propose a trade in technology. We would propose the trade of some of our knowledge of the Hades Pits as we call them for knowledge of some of the technology that your civilization has built.

After hearing the crown Prince's response he figures that it is part of the formal process, and that he will get a concrete answer to his proposal later. He responds I would be honored to take the texts and wisdom of the empire back to Canada. We would greatly appreciate the wisdom of such a successful civilization. And of course I will arrange for texts dealing with the culture and religions of Canada to be sent here as soon as possible. The increase in relations between our two nations is something that we will of course do everything in our power to improve.

{OOC: waiting for a reply to the proposal. Also what exactly is contained in these religious texts? Can I assume something relatively similar to Buddhism? Also what wisdom specifically is being given aside from holy texts?}