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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Quote Originally Posted by Psymple View Post
    Also ... Bahamut is laid back about his followers!!
    Anyone can become one...
    And he is the most forgiving of all gods...

    When was Bahamut ever NOT laid back!?!?! xD
    Yeah, he's certainly laid back about recruiting more people into becoming freaky lizard fan-club members. I'm not surprised.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3SecondCultist View Post
    Clearly, you've never met me in real life or played in any of my campaigns...
    I feel like it'd be awkward to know someone from the board in real life. This is a crazy place, man...

    And I'm in one of your campaigns now... or do you mean one you've hosted?

    Oh dang. We're already on Page 2... qwerty better get here soon and answer my question about whether or not we'll roleplay meeting the messengers on our own or with him. Gotta decide on following the different leads gathered so far, as well as to see if I could find any other party members... and maybe confirm whether or not Algrith and Imaran have anything better to do than to assist Tarmikos.
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