Warning: the following message is 75% serious. Please try to wade through the bizarre humor.

Hey there folks! I got me a two part Romance Pants Type Problem*

Part I:
How do I hit on/flirt/chat with a girl online? Now before you start to think I'm some kind of creepy internet man on the creepy internet with a creepy internet plan, well, you'd be right. But in this instance I'm not. I know the female in question. I used to go to school with her and have talked to her in person and hopefully I'll be back next year and be able to hit on/flirt/chat with in person. This is more or less I miss her and want to talk to her and possibly advance the relationship long distance style. I see she's on Facebook and this is really just a matter of courage to talk to her/I don't know what to strike up a conversation about.

Part II:
PM me for the sequel. (That's right, this part is direct to video)

*Actual Romance Problem may or may not involve pants and the addition of the word "pants" may or may not have been added to make a rhyme. Do not take the phrase "Romance Pants" as literal because that'd be gross and most likely inappropriate.