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    Default Re: Relationship Woes and Advice 22: In Which Two Problems Prevent Each Others' Solut

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Epic View Post
    Warning: the following message is 75% serious. Please try to wade through the bizarre humor.

    Hey there folks! I got me a two part Romance Pants Type Problem*

    Part I:
    How do I hit on/flirt/chat with a girl online? Now before you start to think I'm some kind of creepy internet man on the creepy internet with a creepy internet plan, well, you'd be right. But in this instance I'm not. I know the female in question. I used to go to school with her and have talked to her in person and hopefully I'll be back next year and be able to hit on/flirt/chat with in person. This is more or less I miss her and want to talk to her and possibly advance the relationship long distance style. I see she's on Facebook and this is really just a matter of courage to talk to her/I don't know what to strike up a conversation about.

    Part II:
    PM me for the sequel. (That's right, this part is direct to video)

    *Actual Romance Problem may or may not involve pants and the addition of the word "pants" may or may not have been added to make a rhyme. Do not take the phrase "Romance Pants" as literal because that'd be gross and most likely inappropriate.
    I love the idea of Romance Pants, even though it conjures images of Edna Mode going "no pants!"..
    that said..use the book of face for the only good thing it has.. the possibility to drop a oneliner regarding something she has said that can be taken in more than the way she just said it. in other words, make a joke about what she has posted on her status... if it's acceptably racy, even better.
    not necessarily in public. can be a private mail too...depending on the joke and the level of exposure of your dirtyoldcreepiness it sends to your other contacts.
    if and when she reacts to your joke with a positive feedback (a simple "lol" will do, I'm told).. take the chance to throw in a "long time no chatted" kind of thing.. get her in private chat somewhere well away from facebook and forget about facebook for the reminder of the situation. facebook does more damage than good... so.. get her in private conversation and be equal parts of interesting, interested in her stuff and amazing/funny to talk to.

    if you can do all of the above, you're set.
    if not, you'll fail miserably..
    so... no pressure.
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