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    Looking forward to an updater on Mal and Crystaleena, obviously when she next comes in range we'll update her on our progress as well (although unless something dire happens, I think she can finish her deliveries).

    Selena's been involved in plenty of crimes since she has been back, but to her knowledge isn't actually wanted for any of them.

    She doesn't have any spells or effects 4th level or higher that would leave auras for longer than a few seconds, however she may be discounting how rare wall running is, if anyone happened to see her use her signature move (usually she would already be on the roof when helping with a job, but it may have occurred).

    Attract stays active for hours, but she generally does not worry about that as in her mind it is less coercive than a good diplomat and should be totally legal. (This is true, but unlikely to be viewed the same by others).
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