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Beayn shakes off a little bit of the rain before heading back towards the door. His response was a little pathetic, but he hasn't suddenly becomes a forceful personality. "I don't want the captain to throw stuff at me because of something you two do again..."
Tyrol trotted beside Lemongrass, his face curled in a frown. "That's quite unusual to have you fetch us." He sighed and glanced at his friend. "Better see what the captain wants."

"Okay, egghead. Lead the way."

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Then when Ironblade got near Flameshield he suddenly jumped and passed above him, then went to attack Silent since he deemed the unicorn a bigger threat.

Whitestone would buck Flameshield away.
The blow by Whitestone struck true to his sides, flinging the earth pony some ways away. Flameshield coughed and gasped for breath, and tried to regain his footing.

Meanwhile, Snowflake was still busy trying to shake her hoof free of that irritating flame. Giving up, she spied her sword nearby. She would crawl her way to the sword and grip it firmly with her mouth, taking her time to balance herself.