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    The 1 mile communication radius covers basically the whole city (at least if the map so far has an accurate scale, and it probably has a fairly fuzzy border where communication slowly fades, rather than a precise cutoff.

    So we probably can't use the border to pinpoint each other, but we do have a sense of where the other is (places my crystal has been count as places I have been for the purposes of teleportation).

    PS - Nobody has mentioned the auras on the Archa yet.

    especially Abjuration, Conjuration, and Enchantment

    I can see strong Abjuration and Conjuration spells as part of a defensive array... but Enchantment?

    3 Possibilities:
    - Some sort of odd buff, like amped Aid, or "symbol of inspire loyalty"
    - A shapeshifting stand-in, enchanted for further compliance
    - The archa is a mind-controlled figurehead (who knows for how long)
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