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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Quote Originally Posted by Demidos View Post
    Hey all, sorry my posting has slowed a bit, i've been dealing with visiting colleges. I'm also a bit confused with whats happening right now, especially concerning Imaran and the people with him. Are they simply standing, talking to the guard captain?
    Quote Originally Posted by 3SecondCultist View Post
    There has been somewhat of a split, as well as a change of scene. As far as I can tell, the others went back to the Mongoose with the captain. Lyral has branched off on his own once again, opting to find some quick work that hopefully will prove worth his while...
    Lets see how much I've been paying attention. As far as I know:

    Jorah is back at the Inn, having used Divination Magic to determine the next location we should head to, followed by paying a messenger to send messages to Halaza, Tarmikos, and Kel.

    Kel has recieved his message, and is attempting to leave a few notes with the people at the prison he droped the prisoner at, before flying back to the Inn.

    Halaza is chasing down a fake guard after saving a real guard from a fight.

    Zrekha just criticalwtfpwncharged a halfling and divided it, and got a ring that grants her immunity to poison for her trouble. I believe she's on her way to an adventure's guild or shop.

    Lyral is meeting with one of his contacts for a job. He was traveling with us, but got tired of the situation and decided to distract himself with some work.

    Lia thought the Captain of the Guard was going to arrest us, so she bailed. Intending on going back to the Inn later that night, she went to check in at the adventure's guild.

    We kinda dm'ed it for a second that Imaran and Algrith would be willing to follow Tarmikos and Digan (CotG) around for a bit. Didn't seem like an issue, though pardon me if it was.

    And Tarmikos was going to try to question the people at the bar, but the only one there now is the barowner's son, and that's not even a road worth going down. I added the messenger encounter into that last post, so now the ball's back in your corner.

    That sound about right for everyone?

    Also, please wish me luck for tomorrow... I have to go to court.
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