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And also, what? Why do you have to go to court? Jury Duty?
Crazy Guy's gonna go fight Johny Law! Taking all bets!

But he needs to go to sleep soon, so he'll just leave this story here. He'll probably edit it later if any part of it seems odd.

Earlier this year, the brakes in my car were replaced. The car was used, the person who used to be driving it was supposed to take care of it, and it eventually fell on -me- to fix it. I hate it, but I hate being hounded over it more, and the driving risk is not worth it.

Despite having paid for the brakes to be fixed, however, the car didn't seem to handle any better. I was told that it would be fine, and that nothing would be wrong, that the warning signs (the weird smell, scretching noises, check engine light, etc) would all go away over time. I even complained a few times when they seemed unresponsive, but I was promised it was fine.

17 days after I had the brakes fixed, they completely locked up on me, and I couldn't stop the car from running into the back of someone's truck. And I get a ticket "for following too closely". I got an extention on the time until court because the guardian that would have helped me was busy that day, so we pushed it back until today. Now we're all ready to go and stuff.

I don't blame the po-po for giving me the ticket. To my knowledge "mechanical error" doesn't look good on a police report. Neither does "my brakes done f'ed up" (not that I actually said that). But "following too closely" seems like a bit of a blanket term, and it wasn't even what happened. Still, not his fault; he was just doing his job. Sure as heck can't blame the girl I rearended either.

I'm mainly pissed off that I had to pay a good chunk of change to get the brakes fixed, then pay to get them fixed -AGAIN- since it wasn't done right the first time. And then I'm going to have to pay a -ticket- over this? Hell no; I'll fight the law! I got my proof! I'm a decent driver! The only thing working against me is that I did have a puppy in the car, but that's hardly to blame...