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I like this. A lot. I have a few questions though: What force(s) brings the water and other material coming off the rimfall back into the interplacial cleft? Is there and opposite-type gravity on the surface pointing 'down' that would allow people to walk around upside-down relative to the upper surface?
Gravity + magic Also I figure it's sheer pressure that drives the water out of the middle again.
I forgot to do the physics side of it, actually. Should that go in Cosmology, do you think, or should I have a separate "Science" category? I'll cover evolution and the like in it, while I'm at it.
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Your terminology and world-shape remind me a lot of the Discworld, which is pretty awesome, whether intentional or not.
It's definitely inspired by it. In fact, the "warm at the centre, cold at the edge" stuff was in large part worked out to avoid being too close a copy of Discworld.
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Are all 'planets' in this campaign setting similar in there appearance? Are there perhaps some with water sliding out of their interplacial clefts to run into their pelagic bores and then repeatedly cycled in such a way?
There could be any sort of planet in this universe. Hell, Discworld itself might be floating out there somewhere...
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Also, awesome map is awesome! How did you make it? Photoshop? By hand?
Thanks! They were both drawn by hand, then fiddled with in Photoshop. Not sure whether you saw it, but I had to adjust the planet diagram to make it look more geological (originally the layers sort of curved inwards instead of following the Bore out, which made no sense).