So, running off the fumes of my totally correct prediction as to the identity of the mole, here's my guess as to what The Light's Phase Two is:

Basically, my theory is based on three things
  • Next season is going to be about a coalition of alien races invading Earth, with the first indicator being the arrival of the bounty hunter Lobo
  • The Light's end goal is to force accelerated evolution and development in humanity .
  • The Light sent six members of the League.... somewhere. With what it looks like was Boom Tube, so likely somewhere off world.

I believe that the Light used those six League members for sixteen hours to have them hop around the galaxy attacking alien inhabited planets of different alien civilizations. Their end goal? To incite an alien invasion in the hopes that the stress of fending off the invasion causes human advancement to accelerate and for Earth to "take its place among the cosmos"

This explains why the Light wants the League alive. They don't want the aliens to win, because the aliens actually winning and destroying/subjugating Earth would be bad. So, they keep the League alive, but under their control, to defend Earth and repel invaders.

It also means that the appearance of the Main Man in next season's premiere will likely to bring in at least one Justice Leaguer, dead or alive, to answer for crimes committed while under mind control. Not that he'll say that, precisely.

Of course, with Apokolips involved, you gotta account for Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips probably has his own angle on things, but I'm not sure what.

And if this really is the Light's plan, then they're playing with fire. Its a very audacious and, well, risky scheme. One with very high stakes for their world.