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    Cessie have showed up to the meeting as well, wearing strangely avant-garde clothes which are unlike her otherwise so conservative set of robes and dresses.

    Her thick raven-colored hair is worn in thick blunt bangs which hangs down on either side of her face, hold in place by a two bands of gold-colored silk which holds the bob of hair in place. The first band is lightly warped around the back up her head while the second is drawn over the top of her head, framing it perfectly.

    She even have some black eyeliner all the way around her blue eyes combined with eye-shadow giving her an Egyptian feel. The make-up also causes her eyes to stand out even more against her pale white skin which seems to have been untouched by the so-called “mask of pregnancy”.

    There are in fact hardly any signs of her pregnancy at all. She looks slim even if her curves are rather bloated which is much more obvious in this set of clothes then in what she usually wears.
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