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No issues. I should have mentioned I was going to be away from computers most of the weekend.
Ditto. All good

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It's funny how that is incredibly likely, but it's the sentiment that counts.

I'm not sure if I lost, since I do still have to pay the fine, or if I tied, since the fine got cut in half and it no longer counts against my driving record. I have 4 weeks until I have to go back and pay, so I guess I made off better than I would have.

Really? Algrith doesn't want to do anything? No other particularly pressing reasons to be in this city? No motives, no desires, no nothing beyond apparently just chilling with Imaran?

Fine with me, I suppose. Although your IC opinions certainly wouldn't be an issue.
Tough luck dude. At least a tie is better than nothing.

Hey Razorback, want to go find a library thats being robbed or something?