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I'm assuming the rate of continental drift slows as the continents near the edge due to the greater area for them as opposed to the centre where everything is crammed together?
Yeah, I think so. Also larger landmasses move more slowly than smaller ones, which would mean more islands in the centre and more continents at the edge.
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Do the continents kind of cling to the edge before sliding over?
I think it depends on the size of them. Some will sort of stick out over the edge for a while before the sticking-out part breaks off and falls over the edge. Others - particularly smaller ones - will sort of tilt over as one piece.
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I'm also curious as to what you meant by a few thousand years... Long enough for great empires to be established in regions of Mediterranean climate and for them to build great cities to stand the test of time, only for it to fall as the climate gets too cold for them to adjust, leading to their cities to be abandoned in a frozen wasteland for thousands of years waiting for intrepid adventurers to attempt to steal the fabled treasures lying in the crypts beneath the great temple?
Or short enough that no sane person builds anything well enough to stand for two thousand years because they'll be packing up and moving closer to the centre long before it falls down?
In short... How many thousands of years are we talking about?
I'm really uncertain about time-scale. I'm terrible at it at the best of times. I'm thinking more the former, though. How does a rough average of 10,000 years between first coming up in a volcano, forming into a landmass and slipping over the edge sound?
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Also, is there anything on the other side? Has anyone bothered to go and look? Obviously a journey of epic proportions that would make Journey to the Centre of the Earth look like a picnic in the park in comparison.)
Yep, there's something on the other side. I've only worked on this one side, so almost everything will be about it, but it's pretty much the same thing on the other side - except opposite! :D ...it'll make sense later.