"I am Ilpholin Xar'cha, of the Xar'cha clan, several of which help police Inside, and new head of AMEN. I have taken Gordon's seat on the Council."

"And you are listening to me precisely because you're out of the loop."
Ilpholin explains.

"Inside lives in a constantly fluctuating world. Decisions need to be made on the fly and enacted in a timely fashion. And they need to be made by someone with a vested interest in Inside. Made by someone willing to stay in the loop and actively work to improve things for Inside's citizens."

"This person would not only need to be able to make decisions quickly, but also have general appeal and be able to work on the diplomatic front. They must be able to form and use alliances and contacts in both times of need and developing periods to further improve Inside and protect it from harm actively."
Ilpholin says, emphasizing actively.

"As such, I propose that you choose me to take on that task. Under my rule I believe Inside will flourish like never before. And to that end I have a few initiatives I intend to enact to improve its overall quality."