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Thread: do Familiars get skill points? feats?

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    Familiars don't get feats, but animal companions and psicrystals do. They all get skill points; familiars and psicrystals get their masters' ranks in skills (but not their own, except when their native ranks are higher than their masters').

    The reason why this is is because the wording on familiars states that they're treated as if they had the same number of HD as their masters for various effects (such as spells and so on), but psicrystals actually have HD due to a different wording; theirs is "as master's". Animal companions explicitly get HD (they even get bonus HD for being companions).

    Thus, animal companions and psicrystals get all the benefits of HD as they level (including feats and ability score increases); psicrystals would also get skill points for being intelligent creatures, but theirs are explicitly overridden by their masters' skill ranks.
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