Oh, a list of some animals, if you dont mind:

Rock Munchers: Small flying reptiles. Primaraly blackish in color, with adults gaining a greenish tinge on there horns and tail. No arms, but with moderate-sized wings and a short, rather stubby tail. Rather than conventinal food, they prefer to eat the mineral-rich rock formed after volcanic activty, causing the varing pit-like areas where the crust is thinner to be the prime breeding grounds of the species. Notably, they are not actualy fireproof, but they have the supernatural ability to detect the varying shifts in the crust, and often flee to safter grounds, which are usualy on another continent. Great swarms of the creatures can be consumed by large flying creatures as if they where bugs being caught by a bat.

Grashers (AKA Polar Bear Whales.):

These great kings of the sea are well known amongst those who dwell near the Rim. Bulky and unweildy on land, there body is massive, with there legs supporting not only a thick body but a large flippered tail behind them. Yet, the fact that they are masters of water is unchalanged. Using its large tail in conjunction with its webbed feet, they often chase pods of animals with frighting speed. The color combontation of white-on-black is known by sailors as the traditinal colors of mourning, due to the idea that missing swimmers near the places they exist are more often than not eaten by them at there leisure.