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PS - Nobody has mentioned the auras on the Archa yet.

especially Abjuration, Conjuration, and Enchantment

I can see strong Abjuration and Conjuration spells as part of a defensive array... but Enchantment?

3 Possibilities:
- Some sort of odd buff, like amped Aid, or "symbol of inspire loyalty"
- A shapeshifting stand-in, enchanted for further compliance
- The archa is a mind-controlled figurehead (who knows for how long)
Well, Cal doesn't have anyone to mention it to ... everyone seems to be gone, or not paying much attention. So where he was trying to find the invisible person, he ended up finding all the buffs on the Archa

As for enchantments being bad, I agree that very few arcane enchantments are 'good' for the subject (heroism is pretty much it from the basic set). However, clerics have a few that could be common, and make sense (aid, zone of truth, divine protection, and sign). So, we could still look for possible issues there, but realize there are some explanations available.