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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    I really, really, really like the idea behind Asteleben. His worshipers could make for some mighty interesting villains, or heroes even.
    Yeah, I'm pretty happy with him
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    Icedaemon mentioned that culture would be determined more by non-material things, like religion and language instead of a particular homeland;
    I do intend it to be quite a lot slower than that - more like early humans gradually moving southward as the world goes into an ice age or slowly shifting outwards as a desert grows, rather than a conscious picking up and moving; adaptation and slow shift rather than nomadity. The very longest lived creatures will remember when such-and-such a civilisation was a tropical one, but, say, humans should be more "hey grandpa, tell us again the old legend of when it didn't snow every year!" Considering the greater age range of creatures in a fantasy world, should I up the timescale?
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    I think as an outgrowth of that there should at least be one Mystery Cult style secret religion (replete with secret hand signs, symbols, rituals and over-arching missions that affect international politics and may decide who ends up controlling any number of kingdoms and empires), that spans all of Cakeworld across racial and state lines.
    Sure, something like that probably exists. Maybe it's that thing with the dragons...
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    As for the primordials, perhaps steal and slightly change one of the terms of Hinduism while mixing in a reference to the Grecian Titans? (Vistedenes comes to mind)
    Maybe. I'll have a look at them sometime. Primordial Divinities is okay for now, though, I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    I think Death and Violence could be folded together to become Destruction, based on that being Shiva's domain in Hinduism. Likewise, Time seems more like a subset of Nature, especially when it comes to seasonal patterns, and the ever-moving flow of water towards the Rim- which might be deemed so important as to be defied itself, perhaps as a kind of impersonal fate-chance-fortune-luck deity? "May the Flow be with you", "The Flow directs all actions" that kind of stuff, similar to the Force.
    No, Death and Violence are definitely separate - look at Hades and Ares; most big pantheons have a Death and a War separate.
    To give an idea of what I'm going for, we'll look at the Greek gods: You have Zeus - the Father, Hera - the Mother, Hades - Death, Ares - War, Aphrodite - Love (which is why I'm seriously considering putting Love in, because most big pantheons have it), Hermes - Trickster. There is also Gaia - Earth and Cronos - time. Hephaestus would be the industry and invention side of Creativity, while Apollo would be more the art and music side - but I could possibly fold them into Knowledge, although I might have to change the name somewhat. On that note, I think Athena and Asclepius would be Knowledge.
    So, I think I need Love. I could get that by either folding Time into Death and/or Nature, or putting Creativity into Knowledge. I'm leaning towards the former, although I dislike not having a Cronos as a Primordial, and even then I'd like input on a better name than Creativity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    To add more Grecian-type flavor, could the Creativity primordial come down in
    different Muse forms, one for each specific artistic of technological form?
    That'd be an aspect, but it'd also be part of specific religions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    And what of any children that may have resulted of God-mortal romances that happened during the battle, of in more recent times? Could their be blood-lines who dedicate themselves to keeping the blood of their God pure, perhaps with inbreeding as a result (A la the Egyptian dynasties and the Hapsburgs)?
    Sure, that's quite possible.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    In you description of the Mother primordial you mention the moon, but haven't included any physical description of what kind, and how many moons Cakeworld has, or what effect their gravity would have on the tides.
    I've pretty much defaulted to "one", and "the same as here, more or less". Too hard to work out the impact on lycanthropes and change lunar symbolism and stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    Also, though this may be too soon, as the continual outward 'tide' has such a great effect on this world, I would think Darfellans would definitely show up. Perhaps they would be traders/mercenaries/travel guides who domesticate whale-like creatures that could hold land-dwelling passengers inside their mouths?
    *googles* Oh yeah, those guys! I like Darfellans. I'm sure they're around somewhere - at the very least, there is a continent that's all giants, so I'm sure they'd be there.
    edit: Oh, got them mixed up with someone else. I imagine these guys being either around the centre, with all the islands, or right close to the edge...
    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    That's all I've got right now, but over-all this still seems like a freaking awesome idea. Great stuff so far, keep up the good work!
    Thanks a lot!
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