"There's an unusual amount of emphasis on public opinion. No one discussed with the public when the Empire came to rule. No one talked to them when Remnant came in after. The public was not consulted when the Council was formed. Now there may have been some reactions afterwords, for better or worse. But having personally thoroughly expected the public to react with outrage or dismay at the announcement of AMEN being on the Council, I was shocked to witness... nothing. The public did absolutely nothing. They didn't care less that AMEN has a seat here so shortly after attacking. Needless to say, I don't think public image has anything to do with this particular debate. Perhaps in another time on another issue." Too many different potential interpretations on the 'public's' reactions exist.

"Of course. All of that is moot. See, you're mistaking my position with who I am. I am not and will not ask you to hand control over to AMEN. I never will. In fact, I don't want AMEN to have Inside. This is why I've forced AMENites to turn their heads away from Inside, declaring it off limits. This is why I've sent the most bloodthirsty and likely to hit Inside, chasing crystals in a mine. Indeed, should I end up in charge, I intend to use that fact to drive them even further away."

"Make no mistake here today ladies and gentlemen. My proposition does not include AMEN in the package." It just doesn't fit in there very well! Too many weird corners.

Of course, if Ilpholin had intended to go the dictatorship route, she certainly couldn't now even if she wanted to. What would have been will never be known though. "That's correct. I'm not referring to unilateral power. Remnant will obviously stay as it is and be the enforcers and protectors. Council will become the balance. With a 3/4ths vote it can overturn any decision I make and with a unanimous vote it can remove me from office and replace me with someone not on the Council. Obviously I will be abdicating my seat in this situation and it will not be replaced. This I think, should provide a more than fair balance."

And now that all of those points have been dealt with Ilpholin can finally move on to the what she has planned phase in this rather long post.

"As for my initiatives, they are two-fold. The first is simple. Inside citizens live in a dangerous city. Perhaps the most dangerous city. But as of right now the citizens have to rely on Remnant arriving to help them, random happenstance heroes, and charity-based medical care. These are all good things, but they're all reactive instead of preventative. No. It's time to arm the citizens so they can protect themselves long enough for the reactions to help."

"The first initiative will require that all citizens be armed and receive at least basic self-defense training with intermediate training readily available. Things like judo and swordplay. It is my belief that by doing this, attacks in Inside will decrease by fifty percent or more. Obviously there will always be high powered threats that the average citizen can't deal with, but those I believe Remnant can handle quite well with a potential decrease in casualties."
She, of course, made up those numbers! She's not statistics inclined.

"Tying into the first initiative is the second one." Ilpholin says, pulling that phone like object she got from Mister Squiggles and placing it face up on the center of the table. She presses the only button and a holographic overlay of Inside shows up. It's not particularly detailed, but it has enough to be recognizable. Placed at various points are red dots, forming a sort of grid. "Emergency beacon points. Placed strategically so that any one time you're never more than five minutes from one. Pressing a button placed on these beacons indicates a situation to be responded to, but also puts you in contact with an operator that can talk to you through the beacon and help ascertain the issue and the best response. I believe this will dramatically cut response time for true problems."

"Furthermore, it has a secondary benefit of employing citizens in these operator positions. Now Magtok's casino certainly helped out on that front in Red Zone and believe it will further eliminate any poverty and unemployment issues that might stem from there. Those in Red Zone are also potentially the best qualified to tell the difference between a real emergency and the occasional drunk prankster."

"As such, I believe these two initiatives' benefits are multifaceted and if placed into the position of leader of Inside, they are precisely what I intend to enact."