Interesting... You're almost entirely wrong But I find the manner in which you're incorrect very interesting.
You're pretty close on Gensia. It's the three-pronged continent, and it's pretty much your typical pseudo-medieval Europe fantasy land - although with some Vikings, Middle East, northern Africa and Ancient Mediterranean thrown it.
Handia is the double continent to Gensia's left. It's thematically based on the Americas (thus Inti and Kokopelli), and basically functions as my dumping ground for all the dumb and ridiculous humanoids. On that continent, humans are well in the minority, and Yakfolk live alongside Rakshasas and ratpeople.
Inventia actually comes from some bad Latining, and more or less means "magic wasteland". Magic is sucked up from it, making it pretty deadly. I'll explain that more later. It's the continent sticking over the edge at the very top of the map (although I think it isn't actually that big).
Tremoria is a double-pun on the Latin for "terror" and on "tremor" - as in what the ground does when dinosaurs go running past. It's sort of like Jurassic Park, and it's the land shaped like an X. It's basically an extremely powerful Druid's wildlife park.
That sliver of land... It no longer exists in the recent updates of my world. If it ever did, I'd say it fell off a while ago.