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The bandit camp itself is a bit hard to see. Mostly because it's up in that big craggy rock somewhere. No doubt there's a cave at the base of the crag that leads up into the camp!

And probably more people guarding that entrance.

People who may or may not be more competent than these two.

When being quiet is mentioned Sadei raises one hand tentatively. "I quieted everything. Didn't you notice?"


Give the girl some credit.
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"I'm afraid not my lady, I was somewhat distracted by killing this man." The knight looks down at the dead bandit. "I didn't want to take any risks, I don't feel as confident in my own skills in this form. My armor and sword feels heavier, out of balance..." The knight shakes his/her head sadly. Such a waste of life.
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Sonnya just sticks by her new friend. She whispers, What do I do?
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"We should circle around then find some sort of path or entrance. These bandits have to come from somewhere." Turning to Correl, "I'm also sure your skills are as sharp as ever, Sir Correl." Alfred's eyes are wide with admiration. Seems Correl's would-be squire is also his biggest fanboy.

I believe these are the last posts for the Adventure! plot in Random. Rebo you are next.
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[Place of Xerga, Wherever That May Be]

The barbarian might notice an eight-foot tall Kzin, with black and gold banded fur, wearing a shortsword on his belt, along with a rather large machine-pistol, and a beam rifle on his back, approaching her,

[The Ghost Lover's Children]

The would probably be the black-haired woman wearing a silver shirt, midnight blue pants, and a dark grey cloak, siting on the bench.

"That would probably be Karissa Gaelthem... So through those doors over there on the left, most likely."

The inside of the building is done in much the same style as the outside, with a fair number of people milling about; overall it bears more resemblance to an open castle than a church.


Keeper shrugs, keeping quiet for now, as he really doesn't know any more than Krystal, and sees no point in saying so.
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The Ghost Lover's Children

Kuko will return to Ashley with this information, and then lead the way to this Karrisa.


"I'll follow you then." he says to his teammates.
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[The Ghost Lover's Children]

And Ashley follows Kuko over to whomever Karrisa is.

C'nor, I poke thee to Ghost Lover in Inside