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and yet clerics have the second fastest progression at late levels (They level faster than warriors but slower than thieves). Yes this makes no sense but it is what it is.
Two reasons this sort of made sense.

1: The assumption was that clerics were mostly healbots in much the same way that wizards were evocationists. Even in 3.5 a healbot cleric is weaker than many of the "lower tiered" classes by virtue of how it works.

2: Spell saves were figured very differently in 2nd edition than in 3rd. Simply, by high levels the majority of equal or higher level enemies were saving against spells 70%+ of the time. That isn't the case in 3rd at all. This weakend casters in many ways compared to their insane power in 3.5.

(though don't jump on this statement because they are still way stronger than fighters and point 1).

As for the rest of it, I never had a problem with THACO. It is a really easy system to use not in the least because your DM screen always had the chart right there. So you could easily know which number each character needed to roll to hit the guys unlike in 3.5 where there are so many modifiers depending on how you are attacking at any given moment.