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    Default Re: [FwM] Recruitment/Plot/Recurring Character Thread

    You knew she'd show up sooner or later. Nonstandard character sheet format time!



    "The Agrabuck Fennec" Night Jewel

    for crimes of Larceny, Burglary, Breaking and Entering, Trespassing, Theft, Resisting Arrest, Carrying Concealed Weaponry, Scamming, Impersonation of Authority, Smuggling, Robbery, Speeding, Piracy, Illegal Possession of a Magic Carpet, Public Urination and Vandalism in several cities

    Criminal is a unicorn, approximately 13 years of age, with a slight build, a purple coat, a pale blue mane and tail, blue eyes, a toolkit cutie mark, and a habit of wearing a distinctive "fox" outfit

    Initially known to reside in Agrabuck, but highly mobile and rarely stays in one place for long; currently suspected to be in the Bridle Shores region

    Highly elusive and dangerous; possesses strong skill in stealth, acrobatics, climbing, swimming, and usage of knives; exceptionally talented in sabotage and lockpicking, both with tools and with magic

    Quick-witted and sly; enjoys finding things, acquiring things, and overcoming challenges; very brazen and does not fear authority, seeing circumventing their efforts as an entertaining challenge

    Often associated with Zaros "Dawnstrider".

    If captured, deliver to Knight force of Agrabuck, preferably alive

    REWARD: 9000 BITS
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