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    Default Re: [3.5] The Flash: Vanguard Class & Lightning Fox Discipline

    Great class! Some concerns but I'm trying to look over the math first.

    First, your Bonus Feat entry doesn't match the table. Namely, Spring Attack and Mobility.

    Second, why does constant Freedom of Movement come so late? I don't feel that it is too broken to move it up, the problem is that I just don't know where it should be moved to because every level has its own goodie right now. Ahh dilemma...

    Lastly, Lightning Fox is a really heavy Bull Rush discipline, but it doesn't have any boosts that add a general bonus to Bull Rush or replacing the Str check with Dex. Why not? For example, Setting Sun allows Dex or St for Trip attacks.

    Bull Rush is also limited to creatures within a certain size range, which really limits the monsters this character can adequately fight. Or am I not giving enough credit to the other two disciplines?

    I simply feel that there should also be a maneuver that could get around that as well. As a standalone discipline, it seems to have much more flaws than the fighting styles of other disciplines, but doesn't seem to try to address them through maneuvers.
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