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    Quote Originally Posted by Toliudar View Post
    If we go into the towers, then it becomes very difficult for all of us to act against it. Those in a tower it doesn't pursue are useless unless they go to windows or the roof. People at windows and the roof are open to attack, so are not in materially better position than someone outside.

    I'd rather face it in the open, not on the bridge where it has the potential to blow/knock us off. We can then react to its actions on a round by round basis, and all of us have a chance to do something.

    I suspect that Rita and perhaps Aria also have a way to materially affect the dragon at a distance. Mead might get lucky with a glitterdust, but will otherwise not be a great deal of help.
    Since Aria's Reversed Seek the Sky is going to work on the dragon (isn't it?) once it gets within 60' of her, chances are one of two things will happen:

    -It will still be in the gorge, in which case we just gained five rounds to recover and properly plan how to kill this thing.

    -It will be out of the gorge and in the hobgoblins' former camp or somewhere near it.

    Toli raises a good point about the problems with fighting it on the bridge. In addition to that, fighting it in an open area gives us much more space to move around and makes flanking easier. We know where it is likely to land, so we need to use that environment to our advantage.

    Here's what I'm thinking.

    Some of us (and Dunlan) hide in one of the towers' ground floor (next to the door) while the rest of us (and Makul) hide in the other tower's ground floor (also next to the door). We wait for it to come to us (by now it's probably seen/heard/smelled us and will see us run into the towers so it will know where to look, which is the point) and then we rush it, hitting it from both sides (doesn't matter which tower it investigates first) (the goliaths flank it as much as they can). Powered by Haste (I can easily get all of us if we hide in the towers), we smash it hard and fast.

    Edit: With a plan like this we'll be able to move around as much as we please (it only takes up a 10' square) and it won't be able to rain fire on all of us from a distance or knock us off the bridge. It sets up an easy series of flanks (even Gabriel and Rita could flank it) and its attention is constantly divided amongst us--for every one of us it attacks, ten more are hitting it from another direction.

    If it starts to fly again and Aria can't bring it down again, we can just hide in the towers again and let it come to us.

    Edit 2: Yeah, that was pretty much Ladorak's plan, elaborated on.
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