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    Yay new episode was awesome. Teen Titanic short was BRILLIANT. xD Ending was sweet.
    Spoiler tiiiiime.
    5 year timeskip, good way to leapfrog into more established and modern story-frames and not young Greyson. Lagoon Boy is too Atlantean, all his "Neptune this" and "Neptune's Naval!"were weird and too coarse-Aqualad. Lobo was awesome, and 'krazee fem' (sp. needed?) was a fun line. Supergirl was sufficiently... Supergirl, Drake was d'aww, and Beetle was AWESOMENESS. Adam Strange was nice too see, I always liked that guy, but Rann being the 16-hour spot is weird. And Godfrey was perfectly... Godfrey. You'd think there'd be less Earthling only though. And I thought everyone thought Icon was Big Banged? Was Godfrey saying all the Bang Babies are aliens?
    /end smiley overload
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