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    I understand it's not an easy job herding cats, especially when you need to let them feel like they aren't being herded at all.

    I was just surprised when the two leads and the deliveries didn't lead to anything obvious and I had no idea what to do next.

    It's every player's job to find a reason for their character to work with the others, they just have to understand what events are important to hookup to.

    It seems like most of the party is loosely (or tightly) rogue affiliated except Glanror. As a minor noble, he seems ideal to have political hijinks he may need some trusted roguish assistance with.

    (And if he stays completely missing, he can easily become main questgiver NPC).

    I'll let Fade check out the small body (probably the kid, sadly, what he's doing in the Costello is another question).

    PS - I guess Cal is politically entangled as well, and could get missions from the elves via his half of a sending stone pair (MIC 184).
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