From my perspective, I keep getting lost in the spread out nature of our group. I'm never really sure who is in the same area, and when I finally get a handle on it, we split up again! I guess I went into the first part thinking we were there to stop an assassination attempt, but was a little surprised when our group decided to stage an attack ... Funny enough, Mal's arrow may have changed the entire encounter with the person on the roof (making it feel like a dead plotline). For Aquarius' part, I didn't really understand his purpose or plan, so that side trip just confused me (which is easily done). I'll try to be better about regular interaction, but I won't always have the luxury of whirlwind posting that some of the folks get into ... I just treat that as part of Cal's arrogance.

I'm just relaying personal observations that are automatically biased ... Cuz they're mine! I wasn't trying to judge anyone, or tell y'all how to play. I've got enough of a challenge trying to play my own!

Other than that, game on!