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    Welcome to Gnomish's Art Corner!
    In this thread you can take a look at all of the avatars I've made in a single spot! You'll get to see my style and get a feel for the kind of avatars I can make and I enjoy!

    I make all the avatars using Inkscape, spending roughly an hour or two on them. I think I tend to go towards a more simplistic and pure OotS style. I don't use a template when I create an avatar, I usually create everything from scratch, so that probably slows me down a bit.

    First Set:
    {table]|First Avatar I made when I came back to the forums after 3 years. Cluttered.
    |Infernal Week avatar, as the week was scheduled shortly after I started up again
    |Wandering Avatar, to take advantage of the Wanderer part of my name. Feather from Kneenibble
    |Backpack to go in signature in conjunction with above. Jewel from Zaydos
    |The next three are all avatar requests I did
    |See Above
    |See Above
    |Pony-Gnome I made for the April Fool's Joke[/table]

    The next set were all made for Nude Week.
    {table]|My Personal Favorite, this avatar was made for Crisis21
    |Made for FredAintDead, a joke about a fighter feeling nude without his gear
    |An idea I came up with for North Ranger
    |Made for DEB as a Birth of Venus style, I don't like the eyes. I shoulda fixed that
    |CountAlucard got a mystic nude vampire. I was going to do two more poses for him but I didn't
    |Lix asked for a curtain and my mind went to a big red one
    |Ugh, I made this for Horngeek but it wasn't very good. Rae Artemi's was better
    |And finally my own, I went flirty but the details and positioning of the avatar was done poorly[/table]

    And Final Set:
    {table]|Reaction piece to end Nude Week with
    |Made for Crisis and Lix
    |Crisis Individually with Speechbubble
    |Lix Individually
    |Midna, because I couldn't help but make Midna
    |Gnome Ghost, made when I was bored after getting Killed in a Kiss or Kill thread. I'm very unhappy with this
    |And Finally Gnome Gninja, also made when I was bored as a result of Silly Message Board Games[/table]

    I also greatly appreciate any constructive criticism or advice. I want to continue to improve and get better. I'm going to continue practicing, but I would really enjoy any critical examination of my work. Thank you!
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