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Thread: [4E] Essential House Rules

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    Added the following house rule. Found this one to be especially important when using rarity rules. I think even this may be too lenient; restricting the # of alternative rewards to one period may be better still.

    #5: PCs are only allowed one (1) slotless Alternative Reward item (boons, grandmaster training, etc...) per tier.

    Why? Generally, these items are incredibly and disproportionately powerful for their cost and rarity. Coupled with the fact that they're slotless, they're far too strong to be permitted without any such limiter.

    Also updated the Ritual Casting houserule with Cooperative Casting:

    Cooperative Casting:

    Divide the casting time of rituals by one plus the number of creatures that successfully used Aid Another to assist in a ritual performance, then multiply the casting time by one plus the number of creatures that unsuccessfully use Aid Another in this way. The casting time of a ritual cannot be reduced to less than 1 minute in this way. These casting time modifiers apply before all others.