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The first one is easily done with the Mage Slayer and Pierce Magical Concealment feat lines; a lot of martial characters take these feats anyway, and I don't feel the need to replicate them.

As far as flying enemies, I don't really have an easy answer for you. It'd be hard to expand their mechanics into flying or teleportation prevention without starting to lose focus on the class's theme.
I'd say the best way is to allow some means to use Dispelling Strike at range.

Speaking of which, Dispelling Strike is way too weak because it's based on class level (which will be 6 levels below the target's caster level, even assuming no CL-boosting cheese.) Make it based off character level (to a maximum of 3Xclass level), and it should work unless CL cheese is in play.

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Maybe have them have an ability that works similarly to the soul knife's psychic strike but it instead gives a temporary penalty to their caster level? So if they can get a strike in first the spellcaster will maybe not have a high enough caster level to cast the spell?
The penalty would have to be way too high for it to prevent an 18th level wizard from flying.