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    Default Re: [3.5 Soulknife PrC]"No, go ahead. Try the spell again."

    it already has 1d4 negative levels per strike at higher levels, thats powerful enough as it is even without caster level penalties, i think.
    a kinda concern of mine is that before it gets into melee, other than being able to shrug off spell effects once or twice, she doesnt seem to have a whole lot of defenses against spells, especially from long distance, and her reflex save isnt much. a spellcaster firing disintegrates or the like, or summoning monsters, seems like they would have the advantage (to me at least).
    Not that thats a PROBLEM per se, magic is still magic, but i kinda think that a character who is soley focused on assasinating magicians should be on equal terms even when NOT able to attack stealthily.
    i might be missing some spell defenses though